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Vit. E

Pure VITAMIN E serum.
VITAMIN E is a liposolubile vitamin. It fights and prevents skin dryness supporting capillary microcirculation. Apply it on face and body, thanks to its powerful antioxidant action, it fights photo-aging mechanisms. Suitable for dry and mature skin types.
Thanks to the presence of tocotrienols and tocopherols vitamin E is an excellent growth inhibitor and/or proliferation of different cell cancer lines.

10 ml / 0,35 fl.oz


Peel Scrub

Peel Scrub helps natural exfoliation, improving skin look. Thanks to its 3 alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic, malic and citric acid), for a chemical exfoliation and jojoba microspheres, for a mechanical exfoliation, this product gives the hair and its scalp the necessary help. The mechanical peeling allows the removal of sebum in excess or dandruff, while henna has astringent, antifungal , antiseptic and disinfectant properties. Rosemary, Lavander, Menthol and Jojoba Oil helps soothing and purifying scalp.

150 ml / 5,2 fl.oz



Shade Ph Prepare

Professional shampoo specific for treatment preparation, to allow the opening of the scales.
An innovative PH basic-alkaline, allowing the opening of the scales, removing all those barriers (excess of sebum, oil derives) which obstacle the coloring. It helps the penetration of the natural pigments and treatment extracts.

1000 ml / 33,8 fl.oz


Revital Shade

Revital Shade is a hairceutical formula, excellent for daily care.
Its regular use gives every kind of hair nourishment and brightness, helping to keep the color.

1000 ml / 33,8 fl.oz


Stemy Protein

This Shampoo Formula gives volume and strength to fine hair on one side and it gives new energy to hair follicles on the other side.
Stemy-Protein gently cleans the hair giving it volume, structure and strength to damaged and thin hair.
Together with its repairing and strengthening action, it also gives body and volume for a perfect preparation to the styling.

1000 ml / 33,8 fl.oz


Shade PH Fix

It brightens the hair and it closes the scales, sealing the tips.
Shade PH Fix repairs the hair and it fixes the color, keeping it bright.
It has a strong brightening action, closing the scales of the hair, sealing its tips. Excellent for thin hair to substitute the conditioner. It does not leave the hair greasy, giving it an extraordinary strength.

250 ml / 8,7 fl.oz


Shade Essence

Anti-age conditioner rich in essential lipids, it gives hydration and moisturization to the hair, without giving any greasy effect.
Anti-age conditioner rich in essential lipids, it gives hydration and moisturization to the hair, without giving any greasy effect.
Nourishing and hydrating emulsion with an antioxidant action, given by vitamin A and E. It gives the hair an extraordinary brightness , making them easy to comb. It can be used on any kind of hair, without giving it any greasy effect. It has an anti age and protective action, suitable for dehydrated, dry and scaly skin types.

500 ml / 17,5 fl.oz



Free Liss

Hairceutic treatment with smoothing, anti-bristly effect. It contains highly concentrated actives, able t ogive intense hydration thanks to the action of WHEAT and SILK PROTEIN. Free Liss contains high concentrated polymers for a smoothing effect, making the hair soft and silky, removing the bristly effect.

100 ml / 3,4 fl.oz



Hairceutic volumizer rich in actives: the combination of phytosterols and flavonoids, contained in the LAVANDER ESSENTIAL OIL and the regenerating action of SAGE have a strong revitalizing action, starting from the roots. Voluform gives the hair longlasting volume and a natural look.

100 ml / 3,4 fl.oz



Deep Remedy

An original and innovative formula specific for damaged, dry and frizzy hair and for dry and scaly scalp. Pure and highly concentrated VITAMIN E, together with the strengthening action of Orbignya Oleifera Oil, restores hair fibers making them vital and bright, avoiding any greasy effect. These ingredients protect dry, sensitive and irritated skin, giving it the its natural softness back.

25 ml / 0,87 fl.oz



The special formula of this treatment allows a double reparation: on one side gives softness and brightness to weak hair, on the other side it strengthens and gives body to the hair through the concept of “filling” of the hair.
This serum formula, thanks to the hydrolyzed wheat protein and many other strong actives, gives new brightness and elasticity to the damaged structures, due to chemical treatments or external aggressive factors.
These proteins can create a thin and invisible film with hydrating and protective action. It will also act as prevention of future damages, thanks to the protection given from further factors.

25 ml / 0,87 fl.oz



Treatment for damaged and destructured hair, due to dyes, highlights or aggressive treatments.
The chemical composition of the hair shows that their 65/95% is keratin. Pure keratin, able to penetrate the cortex, building the broken links, reinforcing cuticles.
Thanks to actives, such as POMEGRANATE SERUM and GREEN TEA POWDER, the hair becomes fuller, bright, strong and regenerated. It gains the correct vital structure.

25 ml / 0,87 fl.oz


Hydra Theraphy

Specific treatment for dry scalp and dehydrated hair, in need of a deep hydrating action.
Specific formula based on JASMIN AND YLANG YLANG ESSENTIAL OILS, able to nourish and give the correct fat balance of the hair, making it soft, smooth and nourished.
Hydra Therapy, with brown sugar, is an excellent basis for a long lasting and intense hydration, leaving the scalp and the hair soft and light.

25 ml / 0,87 fl.oz

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