Silk Renew Mask

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Silk Renew Mask

Mask for damaged, dry and frizzy hair.
220ml / 6,8 fl.oz


It is rich in nourishing and moisturizing essential lipids. Keratin, together with polymers, acts on hair fiber, making it softer and brighter.


Wash the hair, dab and apply the product on lenghts, then comb from roots to tips. Leave the mask of from 5 to 15 minutes. It is suggested to use Shade Ph Fix before rinsing, leaving it on for 3 more minutes. Then, rinse.


COCONUT OIL Suitable for dry, weakened and frizzy hair, it keeps the hair moisturized, healthy and bright. This oil is rich in fatty acids, which give softness and brightness, and anti-oxidant actives, preventing free radicals damage.
OLIVE OIL It is particularly suitable for dry skin, thanks to its emollient properties and phytosterols. Then, it has excellent softening and anti-redness properties.


HYDROLYZED KERATIN Without this protein, hair structure deteriorates. This is why the main benefits keratin gives are: healthier hair fiber and improved cuticle strength, conditioning action, softness and sensitiveness on scalp, easy comb.
CONDITIONING AGENT emollient fatty compound, it makes skin and hair softer, without weighing it down. Molecular positive charge allows the bond between this compound and the hair structure, performing a strong conditioning action. It makes dry and wet hair softer and easier to comb.
SERICIN it is an excellent active for hair, thanks to its properties: moisturizing (it improves and maintains capillary hydration), softening (it makes skin soft and elastic), strengthening (it makes hair brighter, softer and stronger), conditioning (has a smoothing effect on hair fiber). Sericin bonds with keratin, creating a protective layer which maintains hydration and protects sensitive skin from external agents and aging effects.

Mask for damaged, dry and frizzy hair.
For smoothing effect , illuminating and softening.

220 ml / 7,4 fl.oz

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