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150ml / 5,07 fl.oz.


Treatment for damaged and destructured hair, due to dyes, highlights or aggressive treatments.
The chemical composition of the hair shows that their 65/95% is keratin. Pure keratin, able to penetrate the cortex, building the broken links, reinforcing cuticles.
Thanks to actives, such as POMEGRANATE SERUM and GREEN TEA POWDER, the hair becomes fuller, bright, strong and regenerated. It gains the correct vital structure.

method of use

Wash the hair with a hairceutic shampoo and massage the serum (going in the opposite direction of the scale) from the root to the tip. Leave it on (for a better result use a warmth source or plastic film) for 20 minutes. For a perfect brightness, use Shade PH Fix to close the scales, leave it on for 2 minutes and rinse.


POMEGRANATE EXTRACTS together with green tea powder, give the hair structure.
GREEN TEA LEAVES have a powerful antioxidant and soothing action.
MILLET stimulates the production and defence of keratin.


KERATIN protects, restructures, nourishes and strengthens the hair. The improvement of the hair structure is immediate.

Intensive Reconstruction
A specific serum for consumed , damaged and unstructured hair

150ml / 5,07 fl.oz.

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